“It’s very small numbers (arrested) and we are not shy to say these are individuals who’ve done harm to the national security of this country. We are not questioning the fact that we have done this and we will continue to do it. This has nothing to do with human rights.”

– Isaias Afewerki

This information is being collected to track how many prisoners of conscience are currently being held in Eritrea. This page will be updated frequently, and submissions can be made at the bottom of this page.

Adhanom Ghebremariam
Astier Fesehazion

Beraki Gebreselassie
Berhane Ghebrezgabiher

Estifanos Seyoum

Germano Nati

Haile Menkerios
Haile Woldense
Hamid Himid

Kidane Ghebreab Wed Keshi

Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo
Mesfin Hagos
Mohammed Berhan Blata

Ogbe Abraha

Petros Solomon

Saleh Idris Kekya

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